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Employee Profile – Doug Mether

Like many folks who work at Vulcan today, Doug Mether grew up a farm kid outside of Magnoia, IA.  Back then, most of these kids developed their work ethic, mechanical, and electrical aptitude by following their dad around the farm learning skills that would benefit them later in life.   There are several of these guys […]

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Employee Profile – Ronnie McHugh

Born in Iowa City, Ronnie (aka – The Gray Squirrel) moved to Magnolia, IA at the ripe ol’ age of 8.  47 years later, Ronnie is still living in Magnolia and has been applying his craft at Vulcan since he was 20 years old.  Great for Vulcan, but even better for the 1000+ projects Ronnie […]

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Meet Vulcan’s Very Own Drag Racer – Spencer Smith

One of Vulcan's main goals, is to provide the highest quality products and services for its markets. So meet one of the guys our customers depend on to reach that goal.

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Meet Brian Dieke – Fly Fisher Extraordinaire

Vulcan Industries' employees take their commitment to clean water very seriously. Just ask regional sales manager Brian Dieke who lives, works, and plays among some of the most pristine trout streams in the world.

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