Longmont, CO – Stair Screens

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By Vulcan

“We spend less time at the headworks building now then we used to,” says City of Longmont Treatment Operations Supervisor Karl Heil.  Installed around the year 2000, the City had operated perforated band type screens and experienced their typical shortcomings.  Maintaining the brushes and keeping the perforations clear of screenings were causing staff to spend more time maintaining the equipment then they desired.

So when the plant had the opportunity to swap out technologies in 2014, Longmont staff with previous stair screen experience helped move the needle towards Vulcan Industries.  Designed by CH2M Hill (Denver, CO), three (3) Vulcan stair screens were selected to treat the PHF of 31 mgd in channels 4′ 6″ wide by 7′ 9″ deep.  Odor control capabilities along with a sluicing trough were also designed into the project.  Experienced with Vulcan equipment already, it was an added benefit to the job that CH2 also designed our flagship stair screen installation in Colorado Springs, CO.  Now that the Engineer and City were on board, all that was missing was an installation partner.  Enter Moltz Construction from Salida, CO.  “Moltz Construction has worked successfully with Vulcan over the years and have installed several great jobs, even in our home town of Salida!” Exclaimed Project Superintendent Frank Bortz.  Can’t beat installing wastewater screens in your home town!  🙂

When you have three experienced partners working on an installation, there is no doubt the project will be successful.

Thanks to the City of Longmont, CH2M Hill Engineers, and Moltz Construction for a job well done.