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Western Lake Superior Sanitary District – Duluth, Minnesota

In 1995, the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) installed two (2) Vulcan Industries Mensch reciprocating rake (climber) bar screens at its wastewater treatment facility located in Duluth, Minnesota.  The screens were installed in 8’ wide channels with 3/4-inch bar spacing.  Twenty years later, the District began taking steps to tighten the bar spacing to […]

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Omaha, NE Pump Station

Finding the “Right” Screen for Your Application The Bridge Street Pump Station in Omaha, NE was built in the 1940’s and never had a mechanical bar screen.  Manual bar racks for the subdivision pump station have to be cleaned a couple times a week during normal dry weather flows and every day when a storm […]

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Longmont, CO – Stair Screens

EXPERIENCE “TIMES 3” AT LONGMONT, CO By Vulcan “We spend less time at the headworks building now then we used to,” says City of Longmont Treatment Operations Supervisor Karl Heil.  Installed around the year 2000, the City had operated perforated band type screens and experienced their typical shortcomings.  Maintaining the brushes and keeping the perforations […]

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Grand Island, Nebraska – Check Your Hydraulic Profile!

For over 40 years, the City of Grand Island, NE operated coarse bar screens with 1-1/8″ bar rack openings.  The bar screens operated as intended, but Staff found that this bar spacing allowed for significant bypass of material to downstream processes that proved problematic.  The nature of screenings had changed over the years, and it […]

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Morro Bay Rides the Wave of Robust Screening Technology

Morro Bay, California takes its water seriously. Situated on the Pacific Ocean in San Luis Obispo County, the city turned to Vulcan Industries when installing a system in its wastewater treatment plant.

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