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Rep Profile:  Jeremy Neill of Coombs-Hopkins Company

By:  Vulcan

Jeremy Neill’s story started years ago as his father, George, owned a small wastewater consulting firm in Houston, TX.  As a result of this upbringing, Civil Engineering was always in his blood.  In fact, Rick Eismin from Coombs Hopkins (CH) can even remember a young Jeremy following his Dad around at WEFTEC.  To further solidify Jeremy’s preordained future in the municipal world, his godparent is another Vulcan representative – SA Russel from HRM in San Antonio.  What a small world!  So how did a University of Texas graduate end up in California you ask?  “We wanted to try something new and crazy after graduation!” was Jeremy’s immediate reply.  So in 1999, Jeremy and girlfriend Tricia (now married for 17 years) decided to “Go West” for a few years and give it a try.  While working at the LA County Sanitation District, Rick and Jeremy hooked up again to cement his true calling as an owner at CH.  We at Vulcan are grateful for these connections as Jeremy is widely regarded as being one of the most detailed and successful representatives we have.

When Jeremy is not on the clock, you can find him surfing the waves of Southern California and spending time in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains fly fishing and skiing with his girls Bella (8 years) and Audrey (5 years).  It looks to us that Jeremy’s “crazy” adventure turned out pretty well.  Now at CH for eleven (11) years, we at Vulcan are extremely happy that Jeremy will be around for the long haul.

Thanks for all your hard work on Vulcan’s behalf Jeremy!  Stay surfin’!