Welcome to Vulcan Industries’ New Website!

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Hello and welcome to Vulcan Industries’ new website! We redesigned our site for you, our fantastic customers and engineering colleagues, so that you can become better acquainted with Vulcan outside of pin racks, sprockets and hydraulic profiles. In addition to making it easier for you to explore our high quality wastewater screening products, we hope to use this news space to highlight recent project successes; introduce you to our representatives; and share some of our favorite activities and interests with you. Sometimes it might be a post on a good Midwestern crockpot recipe, or a Rocky Mountain fly tie to catch a big cutthroat trout.

For this first post, I thought I’d help you get to know Vulcan by giving you a glimpse into our past, for that’s where our culture and values began.

Founded in 1975 by H.E. (Whitey) Mensching, Vulcan Industries was incorporated in 1978 as a specialty manufacturer of process equipment for water and wastewater treatment markets. From the very beginning, Whitey knew Vulcan would distinguish itself by performing not just one piece of the wastewater equipment process, but the entire enterprise. With the support of his wife Fran, Whitey built a company oriented around quality craftsmanship and teamwork. He started the “under one roof” facility in Magnolia, Iowa and eventually moved the plant to a larger manufacturing facility in Missouri Valley. Today, our manufacturing plant incorporates water jetting, shearing, break-forming, machining, welding, blasting, coating and electrical control assembly still under the “one roof” concept.

U.L. labeled, totally integrated control systems are also designed and produced in-house. Because of Whitey’s vision, Vulcan has become one of the country’s leading manufacturers of wastewater treatment equipment specializing in robust headworks designs. In fact, we have successfully completed more than 2,500 installations across America already.

Our commitment to crafting the highest quality, most dependable and long-lasting wastewater screening equipment has always driven us to produce innovative products and I have no doubt that we will continue to innovate for our clients and communities. To us, making wastewater screens is about more than just creating a profit; it’s about making our communities safer and healthier by contributing to a reliable, safe water supply.

That gives you a window into who we are as a company and what we care about. We look forward to revealing more of our history and interests with you in the coming months.

What do you think of the website redesign? What would you like to see us talk about on the blog? What questions do you have about wastewater screening design or manufacturing?