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Rep. Profile: Simon Moseley of Atlantic Fluid Technology, Inc.

Simon Mosely – Injineer by Vulcan “I became an engineer because I liked math and science.  And I couldn’t spell.”  Says one of our most successful Vulcan representatives Simon Mosely, P.E / P.E., of Atlantic Fluid Technology (AFT).  Two engineering licenses?  Fifteen (15) years after earning his B.S. in electrical engineering at University of Lowell […]

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Rep Profile:  Jeremy Neill of Coombs-Hopkins Company By:  Vulcan Jeremy Neill’s story started years ago as his father, George, owned a small wastewater consulting firm in Houston, TX.  As a result of this upbringing, Civil Engineering was always in his blood.  In fact, Rick Eismin from Coombs Hopkins (CH) can even remember a young Jeremy […]

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Representative Profile – Matt Streeter of Engineered Equipment Solutions

Matt Streeter says he wakes up everyday thinking about selling Vulcan Industries' products. So, who is this guy who is so consumed with Vulcan?

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