ESP Screw Press

Model ESP Screw Press

The Model ESP Screw Press is a type of dewatering spiral press that compresses and transports screenings to a conveyor, container or other suitable receiving device.

Model ESP Screw Press Design Features

  • Axial thrust bearing with stainless steel body
  • Inlet hopper
  • Wedge-wire drain constructed with profiled bars to allow for greater flow and prevent blinding
  • Precision-machined shafted spiral cantilevered off the thrust bearing to eliminate metal-to-metal contact during operation
  • Nylon brush affixed to the outside edge of the spiral to aide clearing the drain even when greasy material is present
  • Press housing with compression zone
  • Flushing nozzle
  • Press water drain pan and drive assembly

Model ESP Screw Press Operation

Wastewater screenings are received in the hopper directly from the mechanical screen or from a conveyor or flushing flume. Excess water drops away from the screenings and flows through the wedge wire drain as the spiral moves the wastewater screenings into the dewatering zone where they are compacted and further dewatered up to 50 percent. Wash water flushes the dewatering zone and the drain pan, and the compacted screenings are transported to a container, conveyor or other suitable receiving device.

The Model ESP Screw Press works in conjunction with our Mensch Bar Screen and Stair Screen, Multiple Rake Screen and any of our other screening equipment

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