VMR Rake Screen

Model VMR Multi-Rake Screen

The VMR Multi-Rake Screen incorporates many of the same features found in our Mensch Severe Duty™ Bar Screen. Coupling these tried and true features with our own UL-approved, fully-automatic, multiple-speed controls produces quick and efficient wastewater screenings removal.

Designed for use in high throughput volume applications, the VMR Multi-Rake Screen can efficiently remove large amounts of screenings with continuous operation. The versatility of the VMR Multi-Rake Screen makes it ideal for special applications of extreme channel depth and severe screen blinding. Heavy duty components used in our VMR Multi-Rake Screen ensure a long and productive service life even under the most severe conditions.

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VMR Multi-Rake Screen Design Features

Tough comes standard. These features do too:

  • Self-supporting integral frames with engineered bends for maximum strength key to stable deep channel applications.
  • Fully-automatic, multiple-speed operation with UL-approved controls.
  • Heavy-duty bar racks for resistance to all hydraulic loads.
  • Deep rake tooth penetration to eliminate blinding while operating at slower speeds, promoting longer rake and bar rack life.
  • Positive rake engagement into the bar rack—no riding over materials.
  • Large rake shelf for high solids loading in each pass.
  • Additional rakes accommodated as needed.
  • Brushless, water-free automatic discharge wiper eliminates brush adjustments and messy discharges. Self-positioning wiper with return to rest shocks include easily replaceable UHMW polyester wiper blades.
  • Installs in channel widths from 18 in. to 8 ft. and depths over 50 ft.. Typical setting angles between 75 and 85 degrees.
  • Choice of 304 or 316 stainless steel construction including drive sprockets and chain.
  • Full covers and enclosed discharge chutes for maximum odor control.
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for soft starting and flexible operating speed control.
  • Bar rack clear spacing from .25 in. to 3+ in.
  • Curved bar rack design for lower headlosses.