Mensch Severe Duty Bar Screen

Mensch Severe Duty

Found in pumping station and headworks projects across the U.S.—2,000+ to be exact—the Mensch Severe Duty™ Bar Screen sets the standard for the most severe wastewater, combined sewer and storm water applications. You won’t find a more durable bar screen design on the market. Here’s why:

  • Our screens are custom designed and fabricated for your facility.
  • Our screens’ frames, bar racks and drive components are sized according to severe duty bar screen design standards.

Electrical control panels

Control system design can include a variety of relay or programmable logic devices to interact with today’s SCADA and HMI systems. Our standard control package includes timers with ultrasonic differential level control for starting and stopping the screen. Motor current is monitored to prevent damage to the bar screen drive system if something were to lodge into the bar rack. A reversing feature allows back cleaning of the bar rack to dislodge the object and then reverse again to continue screening.

Each Vulcan control panel is:

  • Custom-designed and manufactured per project.
  • UL Listed–meets UL 508A or UL 698A standards.
  • Fully assembled and tested prior to shipment.
  • Able to be installed as freestanding, wall mounted or screen mounted.

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Bar Screen Water Treatment Operational Sequence

Bar screen wastewater cleaning cycle begins when the activated rake assembly travels downward.

As the rake assembly rotates around the lower end of the pin rack, the rake arms force the rake teeth to engage the bar rack.

The rake assembly travels up the pin rack, cleaning debris from the bar rack and delivering the screenings to the point of discharge.

The rake engages the wiper blade to clean the rake head. The rake assembly then returns to the "park" position.

Mensch Severe Duty Bar Screen Design Features

Tough comes standard. These features do too:

  • Installs in channel widths from 18 in. to 13 ft. and depths up to 100 ft. Typical setting angles between 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Choice of 304 or 316 stainless steel construction.
  • Full frame, partial frame and spliced frame stainless steel side frame designs. Standard side frames are formed from 3/8-in. thick stainless steel plate with four engineered bends for rigidity that creates a minimum side frame width of 34 in.—the strongest frames in the industry.
  • Pin rack options of hardened steel chain links or individual rollers and bushings or 304 or 316 stainless steel rollers and bushings.
  • Steel cogwheels with flame hardened teeth.
  • Spring loaded, dual arm articulating stainless steel rake design with the ability to by-pass over lodged or excessively large objects in the channel and continue screening. Rake guide shaft is located below the drive shaft for greater rake stability and forceful engagement of the rake teeth into the bar rack.
  • Large rake head with full penetration teeth for high solids loading.
  • TEFC and explosion-proof brake motors and fully-submersible electric explosion-proof brake motors available.
  • Optional, rake mounted, semi-automatic pin rack lubrication/cleaning system to allow for easy pin rack maintenance from the operating floor level.
  • Wiper mechanism internal to the screen side frames with no brushes or water required. Easily replaceable UHMW polyester wiper blades.
  • Side frame access panels located above the operating floor level to allow for access to the drive shaft and guide shaft roller bearings for ease of maintenance.
  • Bar rack clear spacing from .25 in. to 3+ in.
  • Heavy-duty bar racks for resistance to all hydraulic loads available with either rectangular or trapezoidal shaped bars.