ESR-S Stair Screen

Model ESR-S Stair Screen

The Model ESR-S Stair Screen is an automatic, self-cleaning, fine screen for primary screening or sludge screening in municipal and industrial sewage treatment installations. Its design is ideal for low flow and small channel applications and allows for easy installation in new and existing facilities without channel modification. With a maximum setting angle of 57 degrees, the ESR-S Stair Screen has a compact overall footprint. The screen pivots from the channel to allow for all maintenance to be accomplished at the operating floor level.

Model ESR-S Stair Screen Design

  • Formed stainless steel plate side frames, thickness of 0.16″ (4 mm).
  • Stainless steel lamellas (wastewater screening elements) in the screening area.
  • Stainless steel or corrosion-resistant, UV-stabilized synthetic material lamellas in the transport area, depending on overall height of screen.
  • Drive system consisting of gear reducer, motor and dual chain transmission system with automatic chain tensioning devices. To prevent corrosion, the drive system is located above the maximum water level, and the gear reducer and motor are encapsulated away from the corrosive atmosphere of the channel. All moving parts of the drive system are protected by removable enclosure panels.
  • Screen enclosures above the channel equipped with removable panels for safe operation and odor reduction.

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