SS Stato Screen

Model SS Stato Screen

The Model SS Stato Screen is a non-mechanical screening device for separating solids from liquids. Because there are no mechanical parts and the unit requires no power, these screens can be installed with minimal investment. Ideal for municipal wastewater and industrial applications.

Model SS Stato Screen Design

  • Available in either 304 or 316 stainless steel with flanged inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Optional features: Hinged enclosures, extended discharge chutes and spray systems

Model SS Stato Screen Operation

Wastewater is pumped through the pipe inlet into the influent chamber. As the influent level rises, it flows over the weir and beneath the pivoting baffle plate. The liquids and solids flow over the triple-arc wave wire screen panel, and wastewater falls through the screen openings, while gravity and the addition of more screenings push captured solids toward the point of discharge. The water that falls through the screen enters the effluent distribution chamber and flows through the outlet pipe.

A drip lip at the bottom of the screen directs any excess water to the effluent chamber. When the solids reach the bottom of the screen they slide off into a container, conveyor, or other suitable receiving device.

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