ESK Grit Classifier

Model ESK Grit Classifier

The Model ESK Grit Classifier separates organic materials from heavy inorganic sediment.

The Model ESK Grit Classifier Design Features

The Model ESK Grit Classifier consists of:

  • Stainless steel sedimentation tank fitted with a flanged inlet, outlet connections and covers to fully enclose the process liquid and sediments. A ball valve is installed at the bottom for draining.
  • Support legs
  • Baffled sidewall with scum board
  • Integrated U-trough with replaceable non-metallic liner
  • Shaftless spiral
  • Gear motor drive
  • Grit cyclones also available for a higher flow reception

Grit Classifier Operation

The Model ESK Grit Classifier receives the mixed flow of process liquids and sediments, designed to minimize turbulence and maximize settling of heavy inorganic sediments so that optimum separation is achieved. The process liquid and lighter organic material exits the tank after passing over the fixed weir, while the heavy inorganic sediment is retained in the tank until the shaftless spiral transports it to the point of discharge. The spiral runs intermittently at a slow RPM to dewater the sediments.

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