Rep. Profile: Simon Moseley of Atlantic Fluid Technology, Inc.

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Simon Mosely – Injineer

by Vulcan

“I became an engineer because I liked math and science.  And I couldn’t spell.”  Says one of our most successful Vulcan representatives Simon Mosely, P.E / P.E., of Atlantic Fluid Technology (AFT).  Two engineering licenses?  Fifteen (15) years after earning his B.S. in electrical engineering at University of Lowell (Massachusetts), Simon earned a civil engineering degree because, as he puts it, “Working as an electrical engineer, I found myself working on a lot of civil type jobs, and I needed to understand that discipline, too.”  It was during this time while working at Rodney Hunt, Simon met Moji Amini.  Moji eventually went on to start AFT, and Simon joined the endeavor in 2001.

“I enjoy being an engineer and a resource rather than being a simple go-between.”  Yes, Simon!  We know this about you very well.  If you ever want to dive into the minutia of a project, Simon is your man!  And that’s what we love about him.  We at Vulcan appreciate representatives like Simon who ask questions, understand the projects they are working on, and act as a vital resource to all parties (Manufacturer, Consulting Engineer and Owner) to ensure that ultimately, the Owner installs what they want.  This attention to detail helped Vulcan deliver some of our first Mensch Screens in the New England area back in 2004 at Manchester, NH.  Six (6) years later, several more screens were installed because the equipment worked as advertised, and the Owner was very happy.  These installations are a testament to Simon’s hard working ethic and “aw shucks” attitude.

So what does an engineer like Simon do when not plugging away at the job?  He raises engineers of course!  Both of Simon’s children work as engineers in the New England area, while his wife of 34 years, Cindy, is the Department Chair of the Science Department of Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA.  Imagine what dinner table conversations are like at the Mosely house!  When Simon has any spare time, he likes to run and tinker around the house working on various projects.  Maybe he can work in a spelling class someday . . . 🙂

Thanks Simon for your years of dedicated service to the Vulcan family!